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The place is Earth, the year is 118 A.Q., one hundred years after the Great Quakes. Warrior One is based inside” The Vision Quest Universe.”

The planet has restarted. We have unified, and its people now live together in peace. We have put our genetics into animals, and these alternate species remember our lost powers and begin to teach them back to us. We also put our genetics into machines called the Black Guard. These robots have become sentient, looked at humankind's dark and cruel history, and deemed us unworthy to be stewards of Earth.


Warrior One is told through the eyes of a young woman named Jetta A. She, her family, and all her fellow citizens of Atlantia have become victims of the Black Guard’s extinction plan. Jetta’s father is murdered in front of her, and her brother and mother are taken. Jetta must learn to survive on her own. She must find water, food, and shelter, pick up a weapon, and make the decision to kill or be killed.


WARRIOR ONE explores the merging boundaries between humanity and technology. At its core, the story follows the transformational journey of Jetta A, a young woman evolving from mere survival to an inspiring leader in a world facing a dire threat from a sentient AI bent on humanity’s destruction.


Jetta embodies the resilience, determination, and leadership necessary to confront a changing Earth. Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity. The combination of breathtaking artwork and a gripping narrative creates a compelling, empowering tale that transcends the traditional confines of a graphic novel.