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The “Warrior One” franchise, based on “The Vision Quest” novel series universe, aims to be a leader in next-generation entertainment, evolving and exploiting a dense, world-building IP across multiple platforms. In addition to the planned graphic novel, the next project is for a video game. Followed by the development of a television series and then a feature film.


“The Vision Quest” series is a masterwork primed to join the ranks of other visionaries in the field—Clark, Heinlein, and Roddenberry. Deborah Pratt proves herself a master storyteller.” – LeVar Burton, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and host of PBS’ “Reading Rainbow.”

Deborah Pratt’s “The Vision Quest” series is a visual and creative masterpiece that comes alive on the page. She has created a profound message inside her mystical mythology of Earth’s future. I’m hoping for more.  – Gavin Boquet, production designer for “Star Wars” Episode I, II, III.

Modern spiritual classic dwells within this awe-inspiring sci-fi epic. It paints a bold, original portrait of the coming age.”  – Whitley Strieber, author of the “Alien Hunter” series, “Communion,” and “The Day After Tomorrow.”


Deborah M. Pratt has absolutely flown over the edge with this one. Science fiction redefined, “The Vision Quest” sends “Dune,” “Star Trek,” and “Star Wars” into an era, not unlike silent movies.  – Wanda Wright, Contributing Editor Indigo Magazine, Chicago.